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Equipment & Services Provided 

Bright Switch for the  Visually Impaired.jpg
Bright Switch for the  Visually Impaired.jpg

Bright Switch for the Visually Impaired

A great choice for visually impaired users, this switch’s bright blinking light makes it easy to locate.  When the switch is activated, its textured yellow light shines, music plays and the switch vibrates.

Compact Capability Switches

These adaptive devices offer easier movement solutions and act as an interface between technology and its users. From household devices like lamps and kitchen appliances to recreational technologies like televisions, toys and computers, the world is at your fingertips with our small adaptive switches.

Compact Capability Switches.png
Jumbo switch.png

Jumbo Switch

Jumbo Switches have large surface areas that are perfect for people with limited target ability. Adapted buttons like the Jumbo Switch operate toys and devices with a press. This large button can help in the following aspects of everyday living:

  • Learning: The Jumbo Switch can help the user learn concepts like cause and effect with activated learning tools.

  • Playing: Use the Jumbo Switch to turn on one of the many adapted toys available from Enabling Devices.

  • Communicating: Press the Jumbo Switch to activate a communication device that plays a message or shows an image.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a form of therapy used on the eyes and brain. It is designed to resolve vision problems that can contribute to learning disabilities. These include but are not limited to:

Tracking: The ability to follow a moving object smoothly and accurately with both eyes, such as a ball in flight or moving vehicles in traffic.

Fixation: The ability to accurately locate and inspect with both eyes a series of stationary objects, one after another, such as moving from word to word while reading.

Focus Change: The ability to look quickly from far to near and vice versa without momentary blur, such as looking from the chalkboard to a book or from the dashboard to cars on the street.

Depth Perception: The ability to judge relative distances of objects and to see and move accurately in three-dimensional space, such as when hitting a ball or parking a car.

Vision therapy (visual training, vision training) is an individualized supervised treatment program designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies which have various causes, such as:
inadequate sensorimotor development trauma to the nervous system (i.e., birth injury, brain trauma, closed head trauma, etc.) stress in some cases, contributing hereditary factors (i.e., crossed eyes, wandering eyes)

Vision Therapy.jpg
tumbleform wedge.png

Positioning Wedges

Positioning wedges designed for use with children and adults with physical disabilities during gross motor activities.

Positioning and therapy wedges help children and adults improve their tolerance to laying down in a prone position or develop increased head control. These soft, durable foam wedges come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit specific needs. Use them for practicing gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, and walking up- or downhill. They also provide comfortable positioning for reading and other fine motor activities.

Adaptive Equipment

Working closely with physical and occupational therapists, these types of products provide a highly effective and measurable therapeutic benefit. Riders can build muscle strength, learn new movement patterns and pedal towards individualized therapy goals, all while experiencing the thrill of a bike ride.

Some of the benefits associated with adaptive equipment are:

  •  Improved range of motion.

  •  Improved motor planning and muscle strength with carryover to standing and walking abilities.

  • Improved cardiovascular performance.

  • Development of balance and trunk control.

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