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I want say my wife and I had a blast at the Gala and we would be delighted to go to the one you have this year and the years to come. We are so delighted to this day that you have been able to be part of our story. I do have to say this again, that I wouldn't be able to walk the way I am now without the help from this Foundation. I am still to this day able to walk longer distances without having to stop fro breaks and I can even keep up with my wife's walking pace. I have been asked to do an interview with the local news station in my area due to it being Cebebral Palsy month and I will be giving a shout out to this wonderful Foundation!



I want to thank you again for the grant that made this bike possible for her! She has already been feeling the wind in her hair, tackling small hills and getting the attention of people in our neighborhood. Once she figures out how to steer it by herself, I am going to be chasing her down!


Our excitement for this bike was through the roof! What a tremendous  gift this is for our guys. It is a mood and a morale booster and it's also a great therapeutic activity for them. Thank you for choosing our family to receive this huge blessing.

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I just wanted to take a moment to  the foundation for providing funding for our son's adaptive bike. This has been such a game changer for him! He has been thrilled to be able to participate in bike riding with his friends and family!  This is something he has been talking about doing for quite some time!!

We cannot thank you enough and hope you know how much of a positive impact you have made in our sons and our entire families lives!

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I just wanted to thank the Ethan Henry Lecours Foundation again from the bottom of my heart for the incredible news you shared with me today! I’m honestly completely overwhelmed and so deeply humbled by your incredible generosity and this tremendous act of support, kindness, & care for Logan & his dreams. My little guy has been wanting to ride for so long and you believing in him and gifting him this opportunity truly means more to me and my family than I can express. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. 🙏🏻💗❤️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this dream a reality for him and our family!


I can't thank you enough!!! 

Hoping for the same jump in progress as the last Intensive Therapy camp  he attended!  He is super social and loves all aspects of it!

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An estimated 25% of all children have a feeding disorder. This number increases in children with developmental delays.

With your help, our Foundation was able to grant St. Mary's  Kids the necessary tools to help with their  feeding disorders program.

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I am not sure how to express all the emotions that we are feeling right now. Katie got her bike today and it is without a doubt, the happiest that I have seen her in the last year. We are forever grateful!

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